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Note the typical Buyer Agent Commission Fee still applies. *Typical Buyer Agent Fee ranges 2-3%

Buyer Agent Commission

Why pay it if there isn't one?

When you sell your home, the buyer may not have a Buyer Agent. It's important to understand your Listing Agreement with your Listing Agent (Listing Broker) regarding the commission you agree to pay and what happens when the Buyer doesn't have their own Buyer Agent. Most traditional broker's Listing Agreements are written such that you are obligated to pay 6% no matter what.

Compare what happens to the buyer agent commission if the Buyer doesn't have an Agent. . .

A Traditional Broker keeps it

If the Buyer doesn’t have a Buyer Agent a Traditional Broker still charges you the Listing Agent and the Buyer Agent Commission Fee, which means:

You still pay

Does your Listing Agent double dip?

We call it double dipping, when the listing agent collects both the listing agent fee and the buyer agent fee.  Always check the terms and conditions of your commission agreement so you are aware what you’re obligated to pay and don’t over pay!

Logik only has a 1% listing fee

If the Buyer purchasing your home doesn’t have a Buyer Agent, you only have to pay the 1% Listing Fee and not the Buyer Agent Fee which means:

You Save

At logik we don't double dip!

We’ve designed our listing fee agreement simply to help you NET more.  You will never pay more than our 1% Listing Fee to our Listing Agent.

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Pro tip – Get your Mortgage Pre-Approval before you go shopping!  Investigate your finance options and lenders from the start.


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A dedicated agent will assist you with your home search and evaluating  the pro’s and con’s for your future home.


Secure home under contract

Our agent will help you write, present, and negotiate your purchase contract to suite your needs.  We assist you from your search through closing.


Close & Get 1% Back

 Receive your 1% refund at closing.  Congratulations on your new home! 

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