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Sell with logik. Pay less!

1% Full Service Listing Agent Commission

+ Your Choice for the Buyer Agent Commission

= 2 - 5% Savings in Commissions

🔥 No Upfront Fees 🔥 Hassle Free 🔥 Full-Service Agents 🔥 MLS Listings

Don't over pay

Sellers save thousands with our 1% Listing Service

You can expect to pay 6% commission when you list your home with a traditional broker.

When you sell with logik, our 1% listing service lowers the total commission to 4% when there is a buyer agent.

This assumes you choose to compensate the Buyer Agent at 3%. 

You can choose the commission you would like to offer the Buyer Agent if they assist the Buyer with the purchase of your home, we recommend between 2.5 to 3% for the best results.

Traditional Broker


No Buyer Agent

Does your listing agent double dip?

When you sell with a Traditional Listing Agent and the Buyer doesn’t have a Buyer Agent, you’re still expected to pay the full 6%!  Double dipping is what we call it when an Agent takes both halves of the commission. 

When you sell with logik and the buyer doesn’t have an agent. . . 

You only pay 1%!!!!!

Traditional Broker


How it works

We made our listing process easy


Get your Free Home Evaluation

We help you with the pricing strategy and determine how much you will NET when you sell.


Schedule a Listing Appointment & Photos

We coordinate your listing documents, your sign, lock box, and photos.  Absolutely no fees.


Your Home is Listed For Sale on the Market [MLS]

You home is entered into the MLS (the Market) and advertised on dozens of real estate sites such as Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, etc.


Our Agent assists you through the entire process

We manage your listing including changes, offers, negotiations, and ensure all the paperwork is in order through closing.

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